The Brass Monkey fridges are an economical way to keep your food and drinks cool while on the move.

It's important to understand some basics about the fridges though.

Top Tips

Reverse Packing: Arrange the fridge in reverse order of how you plan to use the food so that the items you intend to use first are placed on top. This way, you can minimize the number of times you open the fridge, reducing the energy required to maintain the contents' cold temperature.

Thawing: To thaw frozen food, transfer it from the freezer compartment to the fridge compartment the night before. This allows the food to defrost gradually while simultaneously cooling the fridge.

Basket Case: Use the fridge/freezer baskets as they are designed to enhance airflow, which maintains a constant temperature and keeps food from sticking to the sides.

Food Containers: Pack food items in airtight containers before placing them in the fridge to prevent odours and spills from contaminating the freezer.

Airflow: Avoid obstructing the air vents as this restricts the fridge's cooling capacity, causing it to consume more power.

Protection: Using a protective cover not only safeguards the fridge from wear and tear but also acts as an additional layer of insulation in hot environments.

Strap It Down: When travelling with the fridge, always secure it with straps to prevent damage from jostling or vibrations.

Temperature Variation: Set the freezer to its coldest setting while driving, but switch to a more economical setting once you reach your destination to optimize power usage.

Avoid Sun Exposure: Keep the fridge away from direct sunlight, as this significantly improves its performance and energy efficiency.

Keeping Beverages Cold: If possible, use cans rather than glass bottles as they cool down more quickly and take up less space, which makes them more efficient.

Airflow: Whenever possible, allow for adequate airflow around the fridge to enhance its efficiency.

Moderate Temperature: It is not always necessary to set the temperature to the coldest setting; a few degrees below freezing should suffice for most types of food.

Keep It Full: Keeping the fridge as full as possible enhances its efficiency and reduces power consumption.

Open Slightly: If you need to store the fridge without power, make sure to leave the door slightly ajar to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing odours and mould.

Cool Down First: Avoid placing hot food directly in the fridge; instead, let it cool down first. Warm food in the fridge causes the temperature inside to rise, reducing its efficiency.

One Side of the Fridge won't turn on!

Sometimes it might seem that one side of the fridge is turned off and not functioning. 

It's possible you have turned it off. This is a two-button push and can't be changed on the app.

As per the manual -

Remember - It's not a house fridge!

It is important to have realistic expectations for these cheaper portable fridges. They are not designed to run continuously for weeks at a time. I.e. it's not a replacement for your household fridge.