Firstly, congratulations on investing in safety equipment. Much like insurance, it's a 'cost' that doesn't always directly provide a return - but the day you need it, you will be happy you have it.

However, Flares do expire. So it's important to know when they will expire and replace them as necessary.

If you haven't already, check what the expiry date is on your flares and record a reminder down somewhere to have them replaced. Maybe remind yourself a month or so before the flares expire to get ahead of it.

No, flares won't suddenly stop working the moment they expire, but while an expired flare may still fire, there's no guarantee – and do you want a flare to fail when you really need it?

If your flares have expired, you need to safely dispose of them. 

Disposing of Expired Flares

This is a relatively easy process. Simply pop into our store and hand them to the staff. We have a safe and official method of disposing of them (the head off to a bombing range and get set off by the army!).

While you are in the store - it's probably a good time to pick up some new ones too!

You can find out more information about flares and their use over here -