The Clip-On Portable Electric Reel Battery is a small, portable battery for your electric reel. However, there is an important tip missing from the included instructions!

Charging the battery is simple - plug it into the supplied charger, and the charger's light will go red. When it is charged (can be up to 8 hours), the light on the charger will turn green.

However, the battery level indicator on the battery unit itself can be a bit of a mystery in operation.

Above that indicator is a red switch under the sealed case. To activate the LED indicator - simply push down on the outside of the case on that button. It might require a little more pressure than you think - but that keeps everything inside that sealed case nice and dry!

Once you push the button, the LEDs will light up for a few seconds, showing you the remaining charge.

Import - avoid exploding your battery!

Here are a couple of other things to remember. These are made with lithium batteries. This is how they keep them so light. However, it's important also to remember that lithium batteries can, on very rare occasions - ignite when damaged. So - treat them well - try not to bang them around too much - and - don't leave them plugged in when in storage.

If they do seem to be getting unusually hot, disconnect them if safe to do so, put them away from people on an inflammable surface, and keep an eye on them.