In the darker months of the year, we often see more headlamps coming back for warranty assessment. 

While they are indeed sometimes faulty, often we find that a couple of quick checks can solve a few issues.

Amazingly, we do get sent back the odd headlamp with flat batteries. Push some fresh, known to be charged batteries in to test with.

Some headlamps come back with significant amounts of corrosion in them. As we all should know by now, a lot of our products are used around the sea or seaside - and salt air can speed up the corrosion. In addition, putting your headlamp into storage for a few months with batteries still in it can also cause corrosion - batteries can leak, and batteries contain acid. It's always a good idea to store torches without batteries in them if you don't think they are going to be used.

Finally, specifical to Led Lenser Products - check you are not in travel lock mode. This is a design feature that stops accidental turning on in a backpack or luggage.

Hold down the main switch of the headlamp/torch for 5 seconds to disengage the transposrt lock, or remove batteries to reset to factory mode.

If none of this works, then please, get in touch, and we will do whatever we can do to bring that light back into your life again. ;)