If there is nothing broken this is possible to repair, the rotating wheel is ”just out of sync”.

This can happen if the rotating wheel is stuck during operation and/or if the screws are untightened.

How to repair:

You will need a Philips Head screwdriver.

Check the position of the screw in the centre of the red lock button. It should have the same height position

when you put it back later on.

Release the screw in the centre of the red lock button. Remove the red lock button and the spring.

Release the 7 remaining screws you see in the picture. Please note that you do not have to take apart

the big black plastic parts.

Try to place the wheel as shown in the picture.

Now turn the wheel with your hand and it will ”snap” over the Delrin balls. (the two big plastic part

will flex)

Now keep the two plastic parts together with your hand and push the mechanism completely into

the aluminium tube.

Control if the wheel now has the right starting position.

If not pull out the mechanism and repeat the turning action.

If the Delrin balls come out during this exercise you can put the back either through the space for the

red lock button or between the tips of the wheel when in position as shown in the attached image.

When putting back the screws control that the screw in the centre of the red lock button is in its

original position.

It should not be fully tightened.