We get a few tents and shelters back where the wind has blown the unit over, damaging the poles and tearing holes in the process. Unfortunately, that's not normally a warranty issue.

True, some tents are rated to withstand high winds - however, the pegs often supplied with them are not really up to the task.

The thing, short pegs that come with many tents, awnings and shelters are often not enough when it comes to high winds - once one pulls out of the ground (not really a warranty issue), then another does, and another, and shortly afterwards the tent or shelter folds, damaging the equipment.

Our strong suggestion, whenever buying a new tent, is to also grab a selection of heavier pegs, suitable for a variety of substrates you might be setting up on.

Dirt, sand, and mud (after rain) can require longer, thicker pegs to suitably hold the guy ropes down.

We have a selection - our personal picks being the long 30cm options:

Keep a couple of sets in the vehicle when you go camping. You might not need them, but if the wind picks up, it's good to have them as an option. Don't forget a suitable hammer as well (the back of an axe does great double duty).