Do not Store Batteries Discharged

This is an important one. For a start, it's important to understand that drone batteries only have a six-month warranty.

Unfortunately, it's quite common for people to spend a day out with a drone, then bring it all back home, store them without properly recharging the batteries first (75%) and then find the batteries don't work as expected when they next pull them out to use the drone again.

Unfortunately, lithium batteries like to be stored in a specific way (read more about batteries here -

The battery will often seem dead - no power, no indicators. We can sometimes 'wake them back up' - but this isn't always guaranteed and doesn't always work. This can happen with new batteries if stored incorrectly.

We don't like telling people that their near-new battery is already dead - so please, ensure that they are stored as stated in the manual.

SplashDrone Battery Seating

The SplashDrones are rugged, waterproof drones perfect for dropping those lines a long way out to sea!

The batteries on the units need a good nudge to seat them properly. Issues with remote connecting (or not) to the main unit can be attributed to the battery not being fully seated. The main unit might have power but may not perform as expected without a fully seated battery.

The newer (4) units have a handy warning beep that lets you know you need to seat the batteries more.

Slide the battery in, then push it with your thumbs to ensure full seating.

If the battery seems fully seated, but you are still having issues getting the remote to talk to the main unit, get in touch, and we can help out.