People love the motor, but sometimes struggle with the bracket!

For a lot of people, they don't feel they can get the bracket tight enough - and - it has happened a couple of times where someone over tightens the bolts, causing the nuts to slip within the plastic frame. Unfortunately, once this has happened, it tends to get worse as they try to tighten and tighten a now damaged structure.

We have found using some epoxy-resign around a couple of the nuts gives the bracket some strength back, especially on those points where customers like to really bear down on the bolt and tighten up the frame.

Another point where a bit of epoxy can help a lot is in the frame between the 'outrigger' and the kayak bracket - sometimes overtightening the two screws that hold it in results in the bracket getting loose, and then vibration for the motor quickly makes it looser and looser.

A few customers have also upgraded the entire bracket system - instead utilising the Railblazer option - 'up-specing' the bracket and also incorporating it into the greater Railblazer eco-system.