How often should I service my fishing reel?

 We recommend people should have their reel services at least annually, depending on the use.

Servicing regularly is a key aspect of looking after their investment, it helps maintain their warranty and insures no fish or fishing time is lost to broken down equipment. Servicing your reel is important to maintain its good working order and maximise the longevity of your reel.

Servicing includes cleaning all parts, re-lubricating, re-assembling and testing of the reel.

It is particularly important to have your reel serviced after it has been immersed in salt water - i.e. dunked in the surf or dropped overboard!

Even reels that are wiped down on the outside can still suffer from salt water ingress.

Is a service covered under warranty?

No. Cleaning and maintaining your reel is often stated as a requirement of a valid warranty, but not included as part of warranty work. A reel repair that has required due to lack of maintenance, representing itself in the form of excessive wear or corrosion will not be covered under warranty.

What will it cost to service my reel?


Service Charge 

A general service, which includes cleaning all parts, re-lubricating, re-assembling and testing of the reel. This is preventive maintenance and should be done regularly if you are not comfortable totally stripping down your reel (beyond just taking off the spool) and checking the internal workings.

A general service starts at $65. Parts will be on top of that.

Repairs Charge 

If the work goes beyond a basic service, in that parts need replacing, we will quote the work before commencement. Once the quote is approved, we will go ahead. With the wide variety of reels and parts costs, it’s hard for us to provide an estimate before pulling the reel to parts to assess. 

Additional work and parts may be required if the reel has the following issues/symptoms:

Bearing Replacement
  • Reel feels stiff to wind
  • Anti Reverse Failure (reel winds backwards)
  • Line Roller Seized
  • Reel unable to engage/disengage free spool mode
  • Noisy Bearings (squeaking while winding)
Gear Set Replacement
  • Reel feels rough while winding
  • Knocking/Vibrating feeling while winding the reel
  • Reel has seized up while winding
  • Reel has been dropped on a solid surface
Body Replacement
  • Cracks around the reel
  • Reel seized up due to dislocated parts
  • Broken/Dented Body

These will be quoted before proceeding with the repair. Once the quote is accepted the work will commence, if not, the reel will be returned to the customer and the $20 assessment fee will be charged.


Please allow for two to four weeks turnaround (longer during summer) with all reel servicing. While we can do some servicing in house, much of the repairs are sent away to specialist technicians. 


Please note: 

If a quote is not going ahead, the reel will likely be returned in parts, as most companies are uncomfortable putting a broken item back together and returning to a customer due to then implied responsibility.  

Items that are not collected after three months will be sold/disposed of to cover costs.

Can I organise this through the website?

Certainly. Go through the RMA Process and send it back to us for service/repair.